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This kit creates an experience to enable your little human to boost their self confidence and practice growing their self esteem! In this kit, you will explore what your little human loves about themselves and how we can train our brains to believe the best of us.

The Self Esteem Kit

Thank you for pre-ordering! You will receive an email confirmation regarding delivery of your experience.
  • Inside you will find everything you need to create your very own self esteem tool set:

    • All of the materials needed to create a personalised Affirmation Mirror
    • A step-by-step guide for your little humans 
    • An information book for you to understand the neuroscience and psychology behind the experience 
    • A Mindset Activity book 
    • A postcard to colour in
    • A surprise gift!
    • A Mirror Frame
    • A Child safe mirror
    • Special felt tip pens
    • Gems 
    • Stickers 
    • A Happy Pencil 
    • An experience filled with reflection and joy!
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