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A Mental Fitness Program for Children

Exercise Your Brain and Maximize Your Potential

Happy Little Humans

Our Approach

Happy Little Humans is a mental fitness coaching progamme for kids to unlock the power of their mind. This enables our children to build their self confidence and resilience to thrive.

We have looked at the neuroscience of children's brain development, the economic predictions for the future skills needed and the research on cultivating mental resilience in our rapidly changing world.

Through this we have chosen to focus on coaching kids in

4 key aspects of Human Intelligence:

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Through our interactive play-shops we take our little humans on a journey through the Human Intelligence curriculum we have developed.

Each play-shop will focus on one of our 4 focus areas and will coach our children through a series of exercises to work out their minds and cultivate new skills. 

Why Choose Happy Little Humans?

We are on a mission to help every little human to reach their potential. 

We believe we can achieve this by learning the things that matter, Human Intelligence. 

We know that the harnessing the power of our own mind can propel our little humans further into a mentally fit life.

We are confident that building our little human's mental fitness will ensure a more resilient, healthier and happier life. 

Human First

Our philosophy starts with a human first mindset. For us this is being mindful of the experience our little humans have, and having their feelings as a priority. We are inclusive and optimise for every individual child.

Brain-science Backed

We have extensively researched the neuroscience and development of children's brains and infuse this in all we do. 

From the design of the entire session, to the method behind each activity - everything is designed to optimise brain function and neuroplasticity.

Powered by Play

Every little human should have play as a priority and our sessions are no exception. 

Each activity is formulated to be playful and fun for the little humans. 

We know that learning through play is most impactful.

What Matters Most

We stick to educating our little humans on the skills we believe matter most. 

Skills that enable them to build their self confidence, to thrive in adversity and to lead in their lives. 

Our curriculum gives them the skills to show empathy and build meaningful connections with others as the grow up.

Top View of Kids Playing

Our Human Intelligence Curriculum

We build their understanding of emotions, how to express and manage them.  We coach them to cultivate empathy and gratitude.  They learn the tools and methods to regulate their nervous system.

Understanding the power of the mind to do hard things.  Having a can do mindset that embraces new challenges and how our brain can help us to do succeed.

Our program helps children build resilience, which is essential for bouncing back from setbacks and overcoming challenges.

We encourage children to develop the art of collaborative communication. We give them the skills to use storytelling to connect and build meaningful relationships. 

Our Offerings

We have a variety of options to reach our little humans, please get in touch for more information.

Group Play-shops

We run weekly group play-shops and believe this is the most impactful learning journey for our little humans. It allows for an integrative approach between bug and little humans to embed the learning. Link to current availability here.

School & Private Play-shops

We also host private play-shops for your school or at your home for a group of classmates, friends or siblings and can tailor our curriculum to a specific focus area you would like to cultivate in your little humans. Please contact us for a complimentary consultation. 

Holiday Play-shops

We run fun, immersive camps during school holidays for children to enjoy our content in long form. Please contact us for upcoming dates and availability.

Our Play-shops

Take a look at some of the fun, interactive play-shops we offer at Happy Little Humans.

Our play-shops are carefully curated to deliver our curriculum of Human Intelligence in engaging, immersive, entertaining sessions. 

Every session is designed to cultivate the optimal brain state for learning. Our neuroscience backed approach means, your little humans will only be asked to focus for a maximum of 10 minutes at a time (as per the recommendation for the neuro-capability). 

Our little humans have a flourishing sense of creativity and so we nurture this through our relevant arts and crafts activities that they collect for their wellbeing toolkit.

We know movement is key to ensuring the flow of learning and engagement of our little humans. Our classes our physically active whilst mentally stimulating creating a perfect learning environment.

Collaboration is the key to thriving in our world and we embed this into our activities by encouraging communication and connection and coaching them on exactly how to do this!

What you can expect from Happy Little Humans:

Once your little human joins our family, we endeavour to embed a 360 learning approach and would like to share some insight into what you might expect from us:

Dedicated Attention

Focused attention in small group sessions to ensure we can really get to know our little humans and uniquely coach them.

Personalised feedback

Post play-shop feedback from our coaches to develop your little humans further

Learning that lasts

Independent activities for your little humans to embed the learning at home

A Family Affair

Ideas and guidance for families to share the Happy Little Humans approach at home

Happy Little Human

An energised little human at pick up from our play-shops

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  • What is Happy Little Humans?
    Happy Little Humans is a mental fitness coaching progamme for kids to unlock the power of their mind. This enables our children to build their self confidence and resilience to thrive. ​ We have looked at the neuroscience of children's brain development, the economic predictions for the future skills needed and the research on cultivating mental resilience in our rapidly changing world. ​ It is a curriculum to coach our little humans to work out their minds and build their emotional intelligence, growth mindset, resilience and conscious connection.
  • What does a Happy Little Humans Play-shop look like?
    Our 60 minute play-shops are an immersive learning experience which include: Neuroscience-backed activities to engage the brain to learn effectively Confidence building communication and collaboration games Practical and creative activities Physically active exercises Learn by doing approach Brain training workouts
  • How can I explain Happy Little Humans to my little human?
    Here's what we would tell your little humans ahead of joining our play-shops: You are going to have fun exercising your brain, learning about your feelings and building skills to grow and be happier Come with a warm smile Wear comfortable clothes you can move around in There will be arts and crafts, music, movement and games
  • Are your Coaches all DBS checked?
    Yes everyone that works directly with the children, our Coaches and Apprentice Coaches all have a valid and up to date DBS Certificate. Available on request.
  • How many children are in one class?
    We want to provide a truly impactful experience for our little humans. We believe we can do this most effectively in small groups. Typically there will be no more than 6-8 little humans for every Coach in the room. Each activity is carefully curated to achieve our learning goals whilst using neuroscience to optimise the way our children's brains learn and grow.
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