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Mighty Mindsets for Little Humans

We are on a mission to empower every little human with a mindset to thrive. We do this through providing experiences that coach them to develop the tools and skills required to live a happier, healthier and more resilient life.


Home Experiences Shop

We don't wish for our kids to be happy. 

We empower them with tools and skills to live a happier, healthier, more resilient life.

Group Play-shop Live Experiences

We run weekly group play-shops and believe this is the most impactful learning journey for our little humans. It allows for an integrative approach between bug and little humans to embed the learning.


Also new for 2024, we are running 2-day Mindset Reset immersive camps during school holidays for children to enjoy our curriculum and have an impactful experience. 

Upcoming Summer Play-shops:

These are 2 day Mindset Matters Immersive Learning Experiences, in London (Venues, TBC)

July 29th & July 30th

August 5th & August 6th 

September 2nd and 3rd

Email: to add your name to the waiting list.

Private Play-shop Live Experiences

We understand how busy our schedules can be and so we provide private at home play-shops at your convenience and in your own home. 

Email: for further details and to book in.

Girl Drawing


Little Human aged 6

“He was saying words like resilience and growth mindset and actually explaining what they mean. I really attribute his happiness to his learnings in class and have seen a huge change in him from these activities."


Little Human Aged 7

"I have never seen him so excited to learn and go to a class! And then he comes home and wants to do the activities and show us all."


Little Human aged 10

"I wasn't sure about whether it would appeal to my 10 year old, but she and her friends thoroughly enjoyed the activities. She really has embedded the tools into our daily routines and it has helped her self confidence!"


Little Humans aged 5 and 7

"The At-home experience kits are genius! They give me an easy way to sit down and do an activity with my kids that I know is good for their mind. I definitely learned something too!"
Niya Shori Gadani
Co-Founder and Lead Coach
Nishi Shah Gadani
Nala Kish Gadani


In 2017, Nishi became mother to twins, two lovely little humans Nala Kish and Niya Shori. She realised quickly that whilst academic education was important to her, she really wanted to give her girls the skills and tools to understand their minds and empower them to build mental strength.

But how do you teach a 2 year old about emotional intelligence... you make it fun. You engage their head, heart and their hands for a full learning experience. 

Nala and Niya both had their own individual vibrant personalities and as they got older, Nishi realised the importance of teaching them the skills to empower them. "If we can teach our kids times tables, surely we can teach them how to manage their own mind" she thought.  It was clear that we needed to work out our children's minds like we do their bodies, and it needs to be a continuous practice to build our mental fitness. 

Nishi spent almost 20 years in the corporate world, successfully building a high performing leadership career focused on people development, coaching and behaviour change, She learned the neuroscience and psychology of how kids really learn and develop and embedded all of this experience, and her own personal parenting experience into an outstanding experiential learning approach for children. 

After struggling with mental health challenges, both her own and those around her, she realised that we needed to embed these skills as early as possible in our children to empower them with the resilience needed to thrive! In 2023 Happy Little Humans was born with a clear mission: Empower little humans to unlock the power of their mind! 

Nala and Niya are collaborators, inventors, testers and lifelong learners of the Happy Little Humans way! We are all on this journey trying our best.

Let's work together to create a generation of Happy Little Humans with the skills, tools and mindsets

to thrive as they grow.

- Nishi











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